About The New Jazz Archive

Curious about jazz but don’t know much about it? Or better yet, do you hate jazz? If so, this show is for you.

Most of today’s jazz programming assumes its audience already loves jazz. This has been the Achilles’ heel of the music and the reason why jazz audiences are now smaller and older than ever. We understand that jazz often needs a proper introduction and seek to open people’s ears to the music not just by spinning discs, but by showing how jazz connects to the things that already matter to us: from movies, television and pop culture, to important social issues, to the economy and technology, to other forms of music. In other words, we don’t just assume jazz is important—we show you why through compelling interviews with some of the music’s big thinkers, vibrant storytelling, and music that represents the full gamut of jazz’s rich history. And because we use storytelling as our approach to the music, if you’re a person who likes a good story, you’ll probably like this show.


About Jeff Haas, Host of The New Jazz Archive

TNJA host Jeff Haas

The Haas home in Detroit was a very musical one—albeit limited to the likes of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. Jeff enjoyed playing and absorbing the classical stuff, but when he asked his dad about the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix and his father told him that rock and roll ruined the needle on the stereo, Jeff went rogue. Soon after, he stumbled on a 1963 Motown revue at the Michigan State Fair and then discovered a clandestine copy of Monk and Coltrane Live at the Five Spot under his sister’s mattress. He never looked back.

A zillion hours at the piano and on stage, 150 compositions and 936 community radio shows later, The New Jazz Archive was born. What better way to open people’s hearts and minds to jazz than through compelling stories and colorful conversations that connect the music to everyday life in America. After all, the universal struggles and triumphs of the likes of Monk, Miles and Mingus parallel our own.

In addition to hosting and co-producing The New Jazz Archive, Jeff is a proud and very involved father of a tween, a keeper of two cats, and the founder of yet another world-saving passion: Building Bridges with Music.


About Interlochen Public Radio

The New Jazz Archive is a produced at Interlochen Public Radio (IPR), an NPR-affiliate station near Traverse City, Michigan. IPR is operated by Interlochen Center for the Arts, an 84-year old arts organization dedicated to promoting the universal language of the arts by igniting a passion for the arts among performers and audiences. More info at ipr.interlochen.org.


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