Gypsy Jazz

By | April 8, 2013

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Gypsy Jazz pioneer Django Reinhardt
In this hour we’ll take a tour of the world of gypsy jazz. We’ll talk with historian Benjamin Givan about the life of gypsy jazz godfather Django Reinhardt, and hear how gypsy jazz as a musical genre actually post-dates Django’s heyday by nearly 40 years. And  we’ll explore violinist Stephane Grappelli’s often unheralded role in shaping the music, and hear how gypsy jazz is continuing to evolve as an artform in the hands of some Django lovers from the Motor City. (59:00)


Jazz's Great Songwriting TeamsJazz's Great Songwriting Teams
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100 Years of the Jazz Avant Garde100 Years of the Jazz Avant Garde
If you think the jazz avant garde started with Ornette Coleman in 1959, prepare to have your mind blown. From the great Louis Armstrong, to the present day, jazz musicians have been doing “experimental” for the last 100 years. Read more »


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