Frank Zappa

By | June 30, 2012

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Frank Zappa
In this hour, it’s the life and music of the incomparable Frank Zappa. We’ll talk with Zappa biographer Kevin Courier about some of the things that made the Zappa sound what it was, and take a look back at how Zappa’s early life growing up as a kid in the California desert shaped him as a man and musician. And we’ll talk with Pauline Butcher, a prim and proper British secretary who became Zappa’s unlikely personal assistant, and check in with a group of students at the School of Rock near Detroit who recently earned their musical stripes by tackling the music of Frank Zappa head on. (59:00)


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Fred Laughlin on July 3, 2012 at 6:46 pm.

Thanks Jeff for doing this piece on Zappa

I haven’t been to many rock concerts in my life but have seen Zappa at least a dozen times. I love his sense of humor and incredible talent. There’s a great video on youtube of Frank Zappa playing music on a bicycle on the Steve Allen show in 1963.


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