The Psychology of Jazz

By | April 28, 2012

Pianist and musical self-help guru Kenny Werner
This week, it’s an hour with some of the world’s big thinkers who occupy the fascinating intersection of jazz and psychology. We’ll talk with jazz pianist Kenny Werner about how his self-styled, self-help manifesto for musical breakthroughs became a must-read for musicians of all stripes, and chat with psychologist Judith Schlesinger about her new book that’s finally putting the long-taken-for-granted link between insanity and creativity through its intellectual paces.  And we’ll get an insiders’ look at the world of music therapy with Dr. Kenneth Aigen of Temple University, and find out how jazz in particular is well suited to helping non-musicians reach their real life recovery goals. (59:00)

Photo: Jazz pianist Kenny Werner: the unlikely guru of the musical self-help movement.


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