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The Psychology of Jazz

By | April 28, 2012

Pianist and musical self-help guru Kenny Werner

This week, it’s an hour with some of the world’s big thinkers who occupy the fascinating intersection of jazz and psychology. We’ll talk with jazz pianist Kenny Werner about how his self-styled, self-help manifesto for musical breakthroughs became a must-read for musicians of all stripes, and chat with psychologist Judith Schlesinger about her new book […]

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African Roots of Jazz

By | April 21, 2012

African Roots of Jazz

It’s almost taken for granted today that jazz grew out of African music. But when you get down to it, the connections that make up jazz’s African heritage are anything but obvious. This week on the show, we’ll bring in our jazz historian Lewis Porter to talk about ethnomusicologists’s efforts to trace jazz back to […]

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Alan Lomax

By | April 13, 2012


In this hour, we’ll explore the extraordina life and work of American folklorist Alan Lomax and how his calling to record the world changed the course of 20th century music. We’ll talk with Lomax historian and archivist Don Fleming about Lomax’s groundbreaking work in the American South during the 1930s, and trace Lomax’s path abroad […]

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Blue Note Records

By | April 7, 2012

Soul jazz guitar legend Grant Green

This hour it’s real-life legend of the label  synonymous with the best in jazz since 1939: Blue Note Records. We’ll spend the hour talking with veteran Blue Note man Michael Cuscuna about the label’s humble beginnings in a New York apartment, the rise of the so-called Blue Note sound in the 1950s, and how commercial […]

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