Jazz and the American Road

By | March 17, 2012

In this hour, we’re hitting the road in search of the highways and byways that shaped jazz and the blues. We’ll chat with Mississippi folklorist Bill Ferris about America’s Blues Highway, Highway 61, and his lifelong effort to preserve the voices of the men and women of the blues; and talk with Jack Kerouac scholar Sara Villa about how jazz inspired Kerouac’s iconic work of American road literature. And we’ll check in with a group of jazz musicians who recently hit the road with Bob Seger as part of the rock legend’s first tour since 2007, and put together a playlist of some of the best jazz for soundtracking your next great American road trip. (59:00)

Photo: Jack Kerouac’s 1951 novel On the Road—and its “spontaneous prose” style—took cues from Kerouac’s love of jazz.


Jazz isn’t the only form of music that has great solos, but it wouldn’t be what it is without ’em. In this hour, we take a look at the art and craft of jazz soloing—from the solo artists that changed the course of jazz history to the challenge of teaching improvisation to students. Read more »

You can’t listen to a painting or see a song. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t really interesting places where the worlds of jazz and art overlap.  In this hour, we’ll kick off a new series on jazz’s connection to the arts with a look at the criss-crossing paths of jazz and the visual arts. Read more »



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