Great Jazz Cities: New Orleans

By | February 18, 2012

Jazz was born in New Olreans, right? Well it depends on who you ask. In this hour, we get to the bottom of that question and tour the sites and sounds of New Orleans jazz as we continue our series on America’s great jazz cities. We’ll talk with jazz historian Bruce Raeburn about the birth of jazz in New Orleans in the early twentieth century, and get to know the raucous New Orleans parade tradition that is Second Line. And we’ll welcome back our favorite Louis Armstrong historian Ricky Riccardi to the show to talk about Satchmo’s wild and woolly years growing up on the streets of the Crescent City, and explore how Hurricane Katrina has reshaped the New Orleans jazz scene.  (59:00)

Photo: New Orleans’ Treme Brass Band. Photo by Joseph Crachiola.


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