The Life and Music of Louis Armstrong

By | January 23, 2012

This week on The New Jazz Archive, it’s a look at the life and music of Louis Armstrong with the good people of the Louis Armstrong House Museum, located in Louis’ former home in Queens. We’ll chat with Deslyn Dyer about Louis’ more than 1200-hour-long audio diary, and take a step back in time with a guided virtual tour of Louis’ perfectly preserved former home. And we’ll explore how Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five and Hot Seven groups of the 1920s are still blowing the minds of music fans, and chat with Armstrong historian and archivist Ricky Riccardi about how Louis’ musical, cultural, and political legacy continues to evolve, even forty years after his death. (59:00)



Nina Simone was a gospel and classical musician before she reigned as the High Priestess of Soul. In this hour, we trace the path of her life and music with biographer Nadine Cohodas and go inside Nina’s private diary. Read more…



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